Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The make-up and hair

We wanted our hair to look fairly relaxed, nothing too stiff but still look “done”. Ciara and Grace at Petra’s House of Colour in Armagh done our hair in the salon on the morning where I also had my veil put on. Ciara almost freaked out when I told her I planned on putting it on myself when I got home and so I had my brother drive it over to us so she could secure it properly!

Our make-up was done by Stacey, director of SAK Designs. Everyone was to have their own look, to their own taste and Stacey was great fun and put us at ease all morning. I was really pleased with our make-up and it lasted all day.

I wanted to accentuate my eyes with a little extra lash and some slick black liner for a glam look.

(photos courtesy of Angel Photography)

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