Sunday, 26 July 2009

decisions, decisions

So, not many decisions have been made at this stage... in fact none have been made. We have been to see some venues - we loved no.1 but didnt like the toilets, we weren't keen on the 'feel' of no.2 and both ruled it out immediately, liked no.3 and named it a definite fore runner because of the price/location etc, and no.4 (which I felt would be a dead cert) weren't very interested in us so it was basically ruled out as well.
Hoh hum.
So since that I have made a 2nd trip to see no.3 dressed for a wedding and was satisfied that it was a good choice. But although it ticks everything on our list I'm just not getting the feeling for it, its not pulling my heart strings.
I can't stop thinking about no.1 and can really picture myself there at all stages of the day. They were really helpful when we visited unannounced and so I think if you catch them on the hop and they are still helpful that is a good sign. Its a bit more expensive than the others and there is the issue of the loos but at the minute my feeling is that this is the one.
After venue and dress the most important thing to me are the photos. I have been frantically researching photographers that I like but at this stage have no idea how much they are going to cost. Hopefully the one I like will be free to work on the day we book for the wedding. My fingers are crossed!
I'll be back when we have made the first of our big decisions!