Tuesday, 12 April 2011

15 days...

(Photo by Northern Ireland photographer Sarah Fyffe whose website can be found here)

As W day approaches everyone I meet asks me if I'm nervous. And that in itself is making me nervous. I don't think the nerves will hit me until the night before. I'm feeling lots of other things though – excited to see it all coming together, very sad to lose my surname but looking forward to practising a new signature, wishing my granny was still here with us to see me married, a little stressed when suppliers mix things up 2 weeks before amongst other things.

The only thing that I am nervous about is how I will look.

This week has been quite busy with a few added appointments that weren't planned when I last blogged.

Hair trials... mine went well and I just have to decide whether I want an up or down style. Lots of factors to consider here:

  • How it will look on the day

  • How practical each will be

  • How I will look in the photos afterwards

  • Which will look best with my dress and hairpiece

  • Which fits our theme of romantic vintage chic (please don't laugh).

One bridesmaid (14 year old niece with attitude) who I thought would be a nightmare to please was sorted in 10 minutes flat with a hairdo she would die for. The other (my sister) who is very laidback and will do whatever pleases me was another matter as nothing just seemed to look "right". We're still not sure what to do with her hair but she is easy to please and has found a photo of a 'do she likes so hopefully that will work out.

St Tropez tan trial... Can I start by saying that I had a St Tropez spray tan done circa 10 years ago and had a reaction to it, upon which the beautician gave me my money back because she hadn't done a skin test but then it cleared up the next day and I loved it. All other tans I have tried in the meantime have looked too orange on me so I decided to have a skin test done to check if I would still be allergic to St Tropez spray (I'm fine with their Every Day lotion) which was clear. The day after the tan I woke up with a quite itchy rash all over my tummy, sides, chest, inside forearms and a beetroot red and puffy face. However believe it or not I am going to book this tan for W Day because after taking antihistamine it all settled down and I do think I was to blame for the red and puffy face because I look my make-up off just before the tan was applied. (Too vain to drive down the motorway with no make-up on. I know what you're thinking.)

I love the colour and so I think it's worth the risk even though Mr M hit the roof when he seen me and I got a lecture about vanity, putting myself through hell, him not liking tan anyway and me looking fine without it.

Meeting with photographer... Poor girl wasn't prepared for me, coming to her with my lists and 'inspirational wedding photos from online that would show what I love'. Thank goodness quite a few of hers were on there, which might saved me from getting a slap. This meeting that I was quite nervous about went well and I think I'll get on just fine with Andrea on the day. Mr M wasn't with me because he was on his stag do in Dublin where he lost his wallet with 160 euro to a pickpocket, wore a mankini (voluntarily) and came home yesterday at 6pm still full of the joys of J├Ągermeister.

Meeting with pianist... We met at the church and we (ok I) decided that the whole ceremony will be done with the piano rather than the organ. Much more romantic I thought. Decisions were made on entrance song (with a little timing practice), hymns, interlude while we sign the register and exit song.

Meeting with minister after church on Sunday... I chatted to our minister about having the piano played, asking permission to use classical music, substituting a bible reading for a poem and changing a hymn choice – all of which he agreed to and with a sincere hand on forearm gesture told me, "It's your service. You do what you want." He gave me a copy of the vows and we are to decide whether we want the long, "repeat after me" version or the short, "I do" version.

The "getting ready" room at mum's house, which is my old bedroom but has had many uses since, seen a start to its redecoration and face lift. Happy with results so far though was closely monitored by my mum. I tried to reassure her that bigger doofises than us have managed to a paint a ceiling and not make a hash of it.

It was a busy week.

This week sees me:

  • Making a start on printing Order of Service booklets and place cards,

  • gathering final RSVPs,

  • having a final hair colour and cut,

  • finishing decorating the bedroom,

  • making final payments to most suppliers,

  • having my final fitting and

  • giving final numbers to the venue.

  • Finishing work on Friday for 1 whole month.

15 days to go and no "doin'" to date.