Friday, 18 June 2010

Hello again...

Ok it’s about time I brought everyone up to speed on what has been going on. Don’t get excited – there has been no drama: just everyday life.

Dress shopping has commenced. It’s amazing how the experience varied from shop to shop. I know where I definitely won’t buy a dress, where I’d love to buy a dress but didn’t find “the one” and where I want to buy “the one”, whether this is the cheapest place I can find it or not! I have had so much fun dress shopping – much more than I thought I would. I took my sis, 13 year old niece (2 BMs) and Mum and had prepped everyone well before we went and warned them if they weren’t in the best form that day or weren’t overly enthusiastic they had to pretend to be for my sake. Diva, moi?
So I think the one has been found. I fell in love with the first dress I tried on in Chantilly Lace and got so excited I could have squealed with joy! A few dresses later I put on what was perfect on the hanger and looked fab on, but for me didn’t have the same specialness that the first did, even though my helpers preferred this one. So for the last 2 weeks I have been looking at the same online photos of these two dresses over and over again.
Just a couple more shops I want to go to before I commit but I’m fairly happy and certain that one of these will be ordered.

I’ve been busy researching videographers and watching sample DVDs. The one I want is £1650 and that is a specially reduced price because I grovelled. Mr M refuses to even discuss paying this for a wedding video!

I'll share this photo with you:

I've been playing around and trying to find things I can do myself rather than paying out for them. This was made using a £2 bunch of flowers from Tesco and some florist wire I got on ebay for about £1. I was pretty happy with how this turned out and it lasted a good 3 days before wilting.

I’ve been busy building our wedding website which has been right up my street. I did fancy having a go at using Mr Site and waited to hear from the lovely Loulabelle about how she got on with it. (Loulabelle, as well as being a fellow bride to be, fab blogger and sweet lady, is launching her new wedding planning business Loulabelle’s Wedding Belles and I’m so excited for her.)

Before I managed to buy the Mr Site software I discovered that gorgeous stationery designers Wedding Paper Divas had a special offer for a year’s free hosting in conjunction with Nearly Weds worth $49. How lucky was that! I’m so pleased with it and can’t wait to finish and launch it for all my guests to nosy at.

Thanks for hanging around to the end, I know its been a longer than usual post. For all who still leave me comments, thank you so much. I know I’m a lazy blogger and I appreciate that you still visit!