Saturday, 29 May 2010

I'm very excited...!!

I just have to quickly share my excitement with you all today!

As if I wasn't already v. excited today to go wedding dress shopping for the very first time ever (and I've been thinking this morning already about how emotional I will probably feel when I put that first one on), while doing my usual blog cruise around my favourites, what do I see.....?

My face on Elizabeth Kartchner's blog, Dear Lizzie! A scrapbooking goddess! Get out!

I took part in her Shades of Summer European leg, facilitated by Kristen Reinhard and took my snap one day on a trip to the Irish seaside at Kilkeel, Co Down. The idea is that the shades make their way around Europe before making it back to Kristen, unfortunately they got lost somewhere in around Scandinavia I believe, but my snap made it all the way back to Lizzie in the US.

Its going to be a good day I think :)

Thursday, 20 May 2010

An epic to do list...

This is the dress that put me in the mood for wedding dress shopping.

An Oleg Cassini number (discovered on Style Me Pretty) that doesn't seem able to be found anywhere in the whole of Ireland which is just my luck. It's got everything going for it in my eyes - soft and pretty, tulle, no train and with corsage detailing.
I've made two appointments for 5 June and I have to admit that now the appointments are made I am so excited.

In fact, the whole wedding of this gorgeous bride was so pretty in colour and detail that I bookmarked it for future reference. If you want an insight into what I am currently obsessing over look here.

A band has been booked. Let me hear you say it... Hallelujah! This has been an ongoing saga since last October and the one thing I dreaded organising from the day we got engaged. (We have yet to see them play live but the booking is made subject to that viewing.)

Today I made a "Done" and "To Do" list. The good news is that there are 9 things on the "Done" list, and the bad news is that there are 93 things on the "To Do" list. Rather than freak me out though, I find some comfort in this and hope it will keep me focused. It is *very* detailed and as long as I have a list I'm a happy girl.

I'm counting on this list to keep me sane!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

A cupcake story...

Today I was off work as I had some work to get done on my car and after a lazy morning I got to baking some cupcakes for visitors who cancelled in the end. Now we are going to eat them and that is not in any way good for the pre-marital figure.

Of course I had to take a photo to share with you and I tried out some tips from the lovely Ishtar Olivera who is currently doing a series of photography tutorials on how to style your own photoshoot. I think I've a long way to go but had fun anyway. (Ok I admit this is the only reason you are getting to hear about the cupcakes otherwise I would have secretly scoffed them like I usually do! Don't judge me.)

Monday, 10 May 2010

The simple things...

Isn't it funny how the simplest things can make you happy? Yesterday evening I went to bed with the biggest smile on my face because Mr M and I had had our first barbeque at home. After years of talking about getting one, he eventually splashed out on Saturday and after a few false starts with the gas cylinder (yes, you may say its cheating) we had a meat feast of smoked hickory ribs and vintage cheddar and chive burgers. It was so lovely to eat outside, just the two of us, relaxed and happy.

I told you I was a cheap date.

And because I didn't take a photo, you get to enjoy Mr M's Lennox and his huge tongue :)