Saturday, 29 May 2010

I'm very excited...!!

I just have to quickly share my excitement with you all today!

As if I wasn't already v. excited today to go wedding dress shopping for the very first time ever (and I've been thinking this morning already about how emotional I will probably feel when I put that first one on), while doing my usual blog cruise around my favourites, what do I see.....?

My face on Elizabeth Kartchner's blog, Dear Lizzie! A scrapbooking goddess! Get out!

I took part in her Shades of Summer European leg, facilitated by Kristen Reinhard and took my snap one day on a trip to the Irish seaside at Kilkeel, Co Down. The idea is that the shades make their way around Europe before making it back to Kristen, unfortunately they got lost somewhere in around Scandinavia I believe, but my snap made it all the way back to Lizzie in the US.

Its going to be a good day I think :)


Sian said...

Aw, how cool is that?! (I'll need to go and check it out now)

Best of luck with the shopping

Micayla said...

How cool is that, I read about it last year and thought I may play along when it happens again!
Hope you had fun wedding dress shopping, I am sure it will be a lot less stressful than when I was looking for mine!!