Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Arriving at the church

When we were all ready to leave for the church we realised that the car for me and dad which had arrived really early had suddenly gone and there were no cars for us there. (It turns out the limo got stuck up a lane after taking a wrong turn and had to be helped into a field to turn and do a 16-point turn out of the gate to get out.) That meant that we had a few minutes to take some photos ourselves before we left the house.

On the way, we stopped off to visit my granny at her home who was too ill to come to the wedding. Her face was a picture when we went in to her bedroom, I'll never forget it. We had beautiful photos taken with her and I'll treasure these forever as she died just 6 weeks later on 9 June, Mr M's birthday. Of course we weren't to know at that stage they would be the last photographs taken of her.

All back into the cars and off we headed to the church. The driver told me I was beautiful and dooted the horn the whole way down the street in our local town so everyone was turning to look at us. I got really excited and any nervous butterflies I had in my stomach started slipping away.

When the limo with the bridal party pulled up outside the church, the wedding car with Dad and I waited down the road just a little bit. I seen some well wishers getting out of their cars and walking up through the gates to wait for us.

Before going into the church I stopped at the top of the steps and looked back at the people who had come to see me arrive. Our minister was standing in the foyer and he asked was I ready. I said I was and turned to ask the girls if they were ready. He opened the other door and the clunk made some people look round and see me. I stood there for a moment looking at everyone from behind while our minister gave the nod to the pianist to play the entrance music.

I took a deep breath and off I went up the aisle.

(photos courtesy of Angel Photography)

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Loulabelle said...

Wow what amazing pics. You looks so happy and so gorgeous, I particularly like the one of you and your dad in the car.

Your church looks idyllic, a truly lovely setting... I'm reading on... xxx