Sunday, 20 December 2009

Pictures from my world...

Hi everyone :) Today I'm sharing with you some pictures from what is going on in my world these days - well, this weekend anyway!
Yesterday was my birthday and although I was laid up with a bad cold I managed to take my annual self-portrait on the morning of my birthday. Note the sore, red lips and cupid's bow :(

These are some of the gorgeous pressie's I got - all of which I love. My friends/family know me so well!

Mr Marshall took me out to dinner, watch a movie and then we headed to the local pub for a few drinks. When we woke this morning we found snow outside so I had to take a few shots from the bedroom window.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday evening. I'm updating my wedding scrapbook while Mr Marshall plucks a pheasant and makes soup! That makes him sound domesticated - but that he is not!

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Sian said...

Oooh, lovely presents! Happy Birthday Angela x