Monday, 7 December 2009

Angela (and Mr Marshall) meets Angel...

It seems only fitting that someone who was a Christmas baby and named after the Christmas angels would (along with Mr Marshall!) choose Angel Photography to take the most important photos of her life - the day she marries her man for life! Yes, Angel Photography is the wedding photographer of choice and we will have two lovely ladies joining us on the day.

At our first meeting with Andrea we felt relaxed and welcome as well as suitably impressed by Angel's approach and work and I definitely think she has a good understanding of my style and what I like, which is really important. (We both share a love for painted doors so you can't go far wrong with that!) Their photos have a lovely feel to them - modern but romantic, natural but not left to chance. The album design was exactly to my taste and I was glad to hear Mr Marshall say that he loved it too, trying to convince me we need one! Photography isn't high on his list of priorities in life so that was definitely a good sign.

They also have a fab blog which I am obsessively keeping up to date with to see the latest weddings they have done.

As a sign of how much he must love me, I was humoured while we priced a pretty well-known photographer in USA to come over to take our photos. But it wasn't to be and I'm more than happy to give the job to Angel NI, who is def my no.1 choice in N.Ireland.
Photos courtesy of Angel NI


Sian said...

OK, you've got me excited now! I like the sound of the painted doors

sharyncarlson said...

Wow, absolutely stunning! Will you be having Angel NI do some engagement photos before the wedding?

{melissa} said...

Oh Angela, you definitely went with the right choice! I hope those second guesses are a thing of the past :) You are sure to have amazing photos on your big day!

Andrea said...

Hi Angela,
Thank you so much for this lovely post! Do you mind if I put a link to it on my Facebook? Andrea x