Thursday, 3 December 2009

Getting old...?

Last night my sis and I took my niece and her friends to the Clubland show in the Odyssey Arena in Belfast (with Agness, Cascada, N-Dubz and the likes) and grabbed some food and a movie to pass the time while we waited.

We went to see these cool kids in New Moon and although I'm still only halfway through the book, I decided to go ahead and see the movie anyway and I loved it!

While we waited for our kids to come out of the show we suddenly realised we were getting old when we found ourselves saying things like, "Look at all that child has on her!"; "She doesn't look old enough to smoke!"; "How do they walk in those shoes?!".

Oh dear.


April P. said...

I loved the movie - even more than the book - which is amazing for me. Scary too, when you feel like you're getting old b/c of what the kids are wearing.

Sian said...

Lol! Havr you started wearing a coat every time you go out? That's when you know old age is creeping up I reckon

Kim said...

I always feel the exact same way when I'm out now and see kids these days. I think "I wouldn't even dare leave the house wearing that little clothing and I'm 26!!!"

Thanks for stopping by! Can't wait to follow your wedding adventures. gave me SO many ideas in my planning last year.

Donna said...

I'm always making comments like my mother used to make to me when I'm around teenagers these days - its so embarrassing! I remember when I was at out clubbing one night at uni I tapped a gorgeous man on the shoulder to tell him his shoe laces were undone and to be careful he didn't fall over! OMG did I ever have any street cred? :-) x