Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Happenings...

Things have been fairly quiet around here. Some of the things I've been up to are:

  • Shopping on my day off work last Friday with family
  • Babysitting a 3-year-old all day Saturday and loving acting mummy
  • Trying to come up with fundraising ideas for our new church hall
  • Finding new inspiration at Designing Moms - even though I'm not a mum
  • Trying to reassure myself that the photographer we have decided to go with is the right one for us (I'm not good at decisions)
  • Visiting my little granny who isn't very well at the moment
  • Considering all the nice things I want to bake for Christmas
  • Reading Twilight and New Moon before I see the movies
  • Searching for cute red and green packaging to sell my baked goodies in for the church sale (for said church hall)
Life is good, quiet and simple. And that's not to say that there are other things lurking in the background but I'm making a conscious decision to focus on the good and be happy.

What is making you happy at the minute?


Sian said...

A lovely calm, thoughtful post. I'm going to say blogging is making me happy at the moment..way more than I ever expected. I keep meaning to read twilight too. Hope your Gran improves x

All things nice... said...

Just came across your blog at Decor8, it is lovely, congratulations on the engagement, your ring is soo gorgeous :)

All things nice...