Sunday, 17 October 2010

The one where Mr M asserts his independence...

As a follow up to this post, Mr M carried through with his intention to pick the suits himself and took a whole day off work to dedicate to the task. He 'Googled' some local firms he had heard off and made an appointment for that afternoon at one chosen shop - solo. No best man.

He confessed to me afterwards that

a) he found when he got there that the staff/owner expected his other half to be with him and said something to the effect of "You're a brave man!"

b) he wanted me to go with him again so I could help him decide on ties and pay a deposit.

So off we went to met with Aaron at Groom Formal Hire in Banbridge - who was really lovely, absolutely knew his stuff and greeted me as "The Boss". At one point he tried to tell me that there was something I couldn't do but I had to warn him not to use those words or I would be determined that that was exactly what I wanted.

I had a fab time dressing up someone else and them loving it! Mr M looked really hot and after trying on a few looks I told him which I thought he looked most fanciable in.

The deal was done and Aaron reassured me that I could bring Mr M back anytime to dress him up and fancy him!

Another job ticked off the list.

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