Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Talking Italian...

Mr M made me laugh last night.
We were lying in bed, just about to fall asleep when I started talking, as I always do. I was jibbering on about how I needed to find out about some Italian phrases to get by when I'm away and how I could find them out, did I know any already etc etc etc etc (be quiet and go to sleep already!). I asked Mr M did he know any Italian and after a short pause he said "You talkin' to me?" from Taxi Driver.
Just reminded me why I love him.


dresstoimpress said...

I'm so jealous your off to Italy soon :) Its so gorgeous. You'll have a fantastic time!! Enjoy!"!

Donna said...

I love moments like that - they always seem to happen for us when we are just getting ready for bed. Maybe its the tiredness creeping into our brains and making us talk gibberish but we always manage to make each other laugh with a really stupid comment. Nothing like going to sleep giggling :-) x