Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Wish it luck...

There’s been some more progress on the wedding front in so far as the bridesmaid dresses have now been ordered. I searched bridal shops high and low to find a stockist of the designer I wanted who had a dress in the colour I wanted but alas, to no avail. Therefore I have taken a huge leap of faith and ordered dresses that I have no idea how they will look. (Such bad English I know.) This is major for a control freak like me. I had a little swatch of course but it could look completely different when the dresses arrive. In the end I decided that it was the colour I wanted all along and so no other would do.
I’m dying to show you all what they look like but know that some guests do/may read from time to time and so I’m keeping it under my hat. You’ll have to wait until April to find out what they are like!

Mr M announced the other night that, for want of better words, it is not my business to accompany him to get his and his attendants’ suits! Needless to say at first I wasn’t best pleased with this as the best man had planted this idea in his head but after some thought I came around to the idea. After all I know what kind of suit he is looking for and so trust him completely that they will look good. I’m just a little nervous about the fact that he doesn’t know what we will look like and now I don’t know what they will look like so what if it all looks like a dog’s dinner when its put together. Ok, breathe… Choose your battles Angela.

I stumbled across a new-to-me wedding blog today – a UK one! I’m sure some of you more savvy brides-to-be might already be aware of the fab Rock My Wedding but I ended up searching through 29 pages before I decided that was enough stalking done for the day. I just couldn’t help myself clicking on “Older Entries”. Fabulous photography to be found over there as well as good detailed information to accompany it so I was able to find out where everyone got their gorgeous shoes etc.

In other news I bought a gym ball. I don’t mind admitting I’m on the “meaty” side. I like to reassure myself that if we all get diseased I’ll last the longest. But I was introduced to someone the other day – I came across The Cherry Blossom Girl (who recently got married and posted her wedding photo) and she has been the thorn in my side ever since. You see, she made me realise that I want to be a wife that Mr M is proud of. And right now even I’m not proud of me, so I have to start somewhere and so the gym ball is going to get it.

Wish it luck…

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Anonymous said...

Lucky you. My other half INSISTED I accompany him suit shopping. In case he 'got it wrong'. No matter how many times I explained the basic principle of 'trousers, shirt, jacket' he wasn't having any of it. So he stood there in the shop like a dummy while me and the shop dude dressed him up like a Ken doll! It was pretty fun actually!

Love the blog, very pretty!