Friday, 24 September 2010

What makes a great photo...?

Today I came to a realisation. Great photography doesn’t always depend on the photographer. Sometimes it depends on how beautiful the subject is. Well that is how I found myself perceiving great photography today.
And that is a little scary because if my wedding or I don’t turn out as beautiful as I imagined, does that mean my photos won’t be either?
I’m really hoping that I don’t see my wedding photos and rather than the gorgeous wedding I expected to see I just see plain ole’ me and a few pretty things.


beatingmyselfintoadress said...

This is my biggest fear.

Not terribly photogenic. For every one good photo of me there's eleventy million where I'm making a face of some kind. Or I'm sweaty, or have a double chin.

What if it's just ugly me in a pretty dress. And everyone says 'well, at least the scenery was nice' or something?


I'm sure you'll be GORGEOUS though, look at you, you're like a little doll!

Angela said...

Believe me, I have plenty of those sorts of photos too. When I was about 7 at my cousin's wedding, who was a larger bride, I remember people saying "But hasnt she got a lovely face". I promised myself then that I would never have anyone say that about me but its looking chancey!!

blondeviki said...

I worry about this too - I'd convinced myself that by spending a lot on the photography, I'd have lovely pictures - but what if I'm just not photogenic? Then I'll have spent all that money and still be disappointed. But if I hire a cheaper photographer, I'll never know if a more expensive one could have made the difference!

I've decided that every bride is pretty - there's something about how you feel on your special day that makes you glow and that will come through on the pictures. I have every faith your pictures will be beautiful :)