Thursday, 15 July 2010

Save the dates...

I hadn't ever really meant to have save the dates for our guests because they might cause some confusion over who was invited and who wasn't. In our family only the aunts and uncles are invited to family weddings because there are so many cousins (my mum has 10 brothers and sisters and I have 30 full cousins on that side alone, never mind their partners and children) and that's the way its always been. However there may be 1 or 2 I want to invite who I am closest to and so save the dates were just going to be too controversial.

However Mr M has quite a few family members in USA who we wanted to invite and they would definitely need more than the standard 6-8 weeks' notice to book flights etc. Of course I was more than happy to design even more stationery so got to work.

This has obviously been anonomised so my apologies for any "feeling" that takes away from it.

They have definitely been inspired by stationery designers such as Wedding Paper Divas and Chocolate Butterbean who are both amazing and inspirational, so I want to make that clear from the start and they are for my personal use only. The bunting is a free template from The Wedding Chicks who have some amazing stationery templates available on their site.
I'd love to know what you think of them.


Loulabelle said...

Ooooh loving this!

Another blogger pointed me in the direction of the Wedding Chick templates, there are so many great ones. The bunting one was my fav too!

Ooooh April will be here before you know it!!! x

Angela said...

Lou, I only noticed on your Facebook page yesterday that you had given me a thank you and a link. I wondered why I was getting so much Facebook traffic! Thank you! x

Loulabelle said...

Helloooo! Sorry for my late reply I've been a bit slack on the old email lately. No worries, great that people are heading over from FB.

Hope that you are well and the plans are coming along nicely!

Ahhhh almost the wkend! Garry is away with the police tonight on training so I'm hoping to catch up on my blogging. Have a lovely day x