Thursday, 22 July 2010

Centre stage...

I've been spending way too much time thinking about tablecentres when I should really be making a decision about which dress I am going to order.
Two dresses - one with a top I want the other a bottom. Since that is not at all possible I'm going to have to choose one but really its a win-win situation. And I'm excited.
My maids also tried some dresses yesterday and we found one that made both of them look fabulous! Now I understand why some brides put their maids in naff dresses - I fear they may look better than me!
I've been thinking about dresses so much that last night I dreamt Mr M left me the day I was to order it. He is away to England working this week so I guess that's also factoring in my dreaming.

Anyway this morning all I want to think about it tablecentres. On a day trip to Bangor, Co Down at the beginning of the week I found pretty lanterns I could imagine on my tables. In Ikea that afternoon I picked up 30 tealight holders the same as I have at home, for only 39p each - 39p!

So hey presto with a little lace tape there and a paper flower here I came up with this:

And although it needs a lot of tweaking, tidying up and refining, it's looking like something I could love. That makes me very happy. And what's even better is that this little set up (at a grand total of £36.70 for candles and lanterns on 10 tables - yes that's £3.67 per table) would save us around £300 in flowers.


Anonymous said...

I love this idea for centrepieces! Do you mind me asking how much the lanterns cost individually?

Angela said...

Hello there! Thanks for popping by hegotdownononeknee :)
The lanterns were £2.99 each or 2 for £5 at B&M. A total bargain!

Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing find! I would definitely consider doing something like this for our big day. Thanks for letting me know!