Friday, 2 July 2010

My "shake" came last night...

The "shake" I needed came last night when I went to visit my granny who is so ill at the moment that we, like her, are hoping she doesnt have to suffer for very much longer.
And it really puts it all in perspective doesn't it?

I've reassured myself that none of my guests will be at my parallel universe weddings and so will never know what they are missing out on. I've decided to be like Pamela Anderson who once said that she didn't like people to expect too much of her so that when they met her they would be suitably impressed by her intellect. I'm going to have to keep hush about all the things I plan in my head so my guests don't expect anything too impressive.

Tomorrow is my last day wedding dress shopping and thereafter a decision will be made and a return visit to one of the lucky shops.
My mum is my granny's full-time carer and these last few appointments have been made for her sake if nothing else, for if she weren't leaving to come with me she wouldn't ever take a break from caring.

I'll be happy when this decision is made so that I can move forward on the little details I love so much which can't be planned until a colour scheme and "feel" has been established.

My mum - who knows me all too well - has warned me that when the dress decision is made, I have forget about all others.

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Loulabelle said...

Angela, I'm so sorry to hear about your nan :o(

I hope that you and your mum have a fantastic day together and a bit of R&R.

Sending you happy dress hunting thoughts... x