Friday, 26 February 2010

Chairs, tablecloths and other stories...

Well thank goodness today I am having a semi-normal day and I don’t like leaving a negative post at the top of my page so I’m moving on.

On the wedding front we are heading to a wedding fair in Belfast on Sunday to suss out some tablecloths. Yes tablecloths. That big important decision when it comes to wedding planning. Would you believe that the bane of my life at the moment is deciding whether to go with hiring beautiful chairs for the venue and therefore also extra-long tablecloths to hide table legs, or just good old chair covers with short tablecloths (and therein saving ££s).

Mr M begged me on Saturday night when we were out for dinner not to have a wedding related conversation all night! Do you know how hard that was for me? To have his undivided attention all night – no Call of Duty on PS3, no quarry-blowing-up documentaries on Quest – and not thrash out all the nonsense in my head with him? V. hard lol!

Today I found (via We Met in a Bar) Ashley’s blog, Under the Sycamore. In the last hour of going through her archives I have been inspired, smiled, cried and wished for kiddos (and a new camera). You should go see.
No weddings there at all – Mr M would love it!

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