Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Marshmallow Grove...

Sunday past we went along to the wedding fair in the King's Hall in Belfast at Mr M's request where we finally resolved the chairs and tablecloths issue (yes I am still banging on about that!). There were a few things that caught our eye like a photobooth which Mr M loved the idea of and he finally seems to be coming round to the idea of a cinematic wedding video.

I'm not really that fussed on the idea of a cake at all although I know they look nice and I really have seen some great ones. Its just not a priority for me when we are trying to fit everything we want into the budget. Being a fan of silhouettes, when I think of what my cake might look like, I think of this:

But then I discovered Marshmallow Grove. Their stand was offering samples of the most delicious mini cupcakes I have ever tasted. Usually I'm reluctant to try samples but I knew by looking at them they were going to be good! So moist, soft and delicate, I wasn't very happy when Mr M asked for a bite of mine instead of picking up one of his own. It was miniature for goodness sake! On the day there were so many people flocking around the genius cupcake creator that I didn't stand a chance so I picked up a leaflet and tenderly looked back.

photos from Marshmallow Grove

They come in, dear me, about 17 different flavours and that is just the sponge (if that is the right word for it!). Don't even get me started on the frosting flavours.

This has given me some food for thought and I'll have to think some more about the cupcakes and whether they are in fact what I want to cut!

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Cheri said...

The cupcakes sound scrumptious - so why not be different?!?