Friday, 5 February 2010

I found the answer...

Friends, I have been obsessively researching chair hire companies, wedding DJs/bands and vintage cars and that is what has been keeping me away from you. We are going to see some gorgeous cars on Sunday and I can't wait.

I'm finding more and more photography blogs are getting added to my Google Reader and when I went to fill in Deal Or No Deal's contestant application form I found myself answer the question "What is your dream job?" with "Photographer!"
I am absolutely loving Project 365 and since I learned how to use Photoshop actions in Elements I am in my glory! I might share some of my better pics at a later date if I find the courage.

For anyone who is intersted, I found the answer to my earlier question about Jose Villa - How can he manage to do it every single time? It's film. Simple. The man himself answered it on his blog a few days later (he must have read my mind) and after browsing London-based photographer Polly Alexandre's blog, whose photos have a similar look, this was confirmed when she also professed a love for film. She produces beauties like this...

Oh my goodness, if I don't get a nice bright light on my own big day I'll be so disappointed. Andrea - if you are reading - I think I might turn out to be a diva!! I hope you're ready for me!

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