Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Highs and lows...

Sometimes I think to myself "Oh my goodness - I'm engaged"! It hit me again today and I took a moment to think about what that means. I never imagined that I would ever find someone who would want to marry me and that doesn't mean that I didn't have boyfriends, I just never thought someone would like me that much. I thought about the fact that "engaged" is for grown-ups and that must mean that I'm a grown-up. The fact that it lasts such a short time and within a flash we'll have moved on to the next stage. I think I want to start saying it more - "I'm engaged".

Sometimes it can be stressful though and that can put a bit of a dampener on it. I thought making all these decisions would be fun but its a lot of pressure on a girl. I'm afraid that in the end all the bits I've chosen won't go well together and it will look one big awful mess instead of the beautiful day I have planned in my head. When Mr Marshall and I have "debates", over for example wedding cars, I have to try and remember the reason why we are discussing them in the first place - we want to be married. It brings you back down to earth a bit. However cars are indeed a bit of an issue because the bridal car Mr Marshall has set his heart on is one that I physically cannot get in to (low roof/high step). Hmm.

I do have a very romantic view of how this time should be for us - all loving and blissful and well, romantic. But at the end of the day life passes by as ever doesn't it and things still have to be got on with?

I think I'm feeling sorry for myself today because I fell down the stairs last night. Nothing broken but my pride and arm are badly bruised.

Send me happy thoughts everyone, please!!


Cheri said...

Hopefully your pride and your arm will heal quickly. Cherish every moment of "being engaged." Make the best of it. It's a magical time.

sharyncarlson said...

I know exactly what you mean - I had the same feelings when we were engaged. It's very normal to be a bit stressed but you have amazing style and I'm sure it will all turn out fabulous. Besides what matters most is you and the Mr!

Sian said...

Sharyn is right :) Feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed is totally normal so don't worry. It will be a gorgeous day. x

Tink said...

Hey. I know exactly how you're feeling. Sometimes when I'm organising all the little details I get completely lost and forget about the bigger picture... In a few months time I'll be married to the most amazing person I have ever known, the man I love from the tips of my toes to the top of my head and who is my best friend in the whole world.
I still find it odd saying "I'm engaged" and I don't think I'll ever feel comfortable referring to Mr Mc as my fiancé but it's important to take time out every now and then and take in the enoromity of what's about to happen regardless of the width of the ribbon, the shade of icing or the lenght of the veil you end up choosing.