Monday, 28 February 2011

8 weeks to go...

With just over 8 weeks to go to the big day the “Done” items far outweigh the “To Do” on The List. I never thought I’d see that day. On Saturday I met our florist and it was there that it hit me - this is really happening! The last time I spoke to her I was very vague about something that was happening at some point in the future and on Saturday I had to make some more definite decisions and talk times for the day. She assured me that all the random bits and pieces I have gathered to personalise the wedding will indeed not look like a dog’s dinner which I have worried about in the past!

Mr M is getting very nervous about the day itself. He assures me that he still wants to be married but is thinking about his speech and the fact that people will be looking at him all day.

Funnily I haven’t had any nerves at all yet. I guess at this stage I’m still on autopilot, getting the organising done and my diary is filling up quickly with appointments and reminders.

We still don’t have our rings and I my dress still hasn’t arrived, but apart from a few bits and pieces, most of the leg work is done. When I say my dress hasn’t arrived, it did but I sent it back because there was a flaw in the fabric so a new one had to be made. I’m not sure whether to stress about this or not.

When mum and dad were helping my granda sort through my granny’s things they came across some of her jewellery, which granda gave to dad. In the box was a pair of pearl earrings and I am planning to wear this as my “something old” on the day to honour her since she won’t be there.

So much is going on, I don’t know what to share with you all, so if you have any questions, please ask!


dresstoimpress said...

8 weeks to go!!! You must be so excited!!!!
Really looking forward to hearing all about it!!!
Thats lovely you'll be wearing your granny's earing's. I'm sure she'd be very proud!! Best of luck with the final fews bits of planning. Enjoy every minute!!

Anonymous said...

It's 30 days for me! Can't believe it's down to days now!

Your eight weeks will fly in! Best of luck with it all!

Loulabelle said...

Oh my goodness I can't believe how quickly its gone! You're one of the foirst fellow bloggers I chatted to and its been so lovely reading about your big day prep.

Can't wait to see your pics on here. Hope that you have THE MOST AMAZING day xxx