Wednesday, 30 March 2011

4 weeks to go...

How on earth 8 weeks to go, got to 4 weeks to go I'll never know. I don't even know where to start to tell you what has been happening and what still has to be done but want you to know I'm still here. In some shape or form! All the invites have gone out and I've got great feedback on them which I'm so pleased about because really they have been my babies - 15 months in the making and tweaking. We've had dress fittings and I have fallen in love with my dress all over again. I did have some reservations about its niceness, its fit and how it fitted in with all the other elements of the day but when I seen it again and had it all pinned into the right places it was blissful. I'm so happy with how it looks. And I even got to customise it, something I've been thinking about for a long time. The next week will see me and the bridesmaids getting hair trials, me having a St Tropez spray tan skin test and a final meeting with our photographer. At the moment some of my extended family are threatening a "doin'". This entails being tied to a trailor with farming twine - nakedness being optional - and then driven around the nearby villages and countryside while people you know throw rotten concoctions at you. This could include rotten eggs, flour, manure, washing up liquid, dish water, custard. Basically anything that stinks. It may be just an Irish thing, but its supposed to mean that they love you. Definitely not my scene.

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dresstoimpress said...

Time is just flying!!! Its scary!

If they do do the doing to you, post a pic! :)