Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The fortnight from hell...

Life around these parts has been tough of late.

My poor granny died. She was getting treatment for cancer - her tumour had gone but the chemo continued. As far as I was concerned she was on the mend and had been transferred to a rehabilitation ward in another hospital so that she could get home and come in for outpatient chemo. Then a week later she died peacefully in her sleep after days of restlessness and morphine. I was her first grandchild to get married and she couldn’t wait.

Our landlord, it turns out, had a dodgy mortgage and shouldn’t have been letting to us. Hence his bank found out and we were given one month’s notice to get out, 2 months before the big day. We gave ourselves two weeks to find somewhere and get out, to avoid having to pay another month’s rent. The wedding invitations are packed away at various stages of development and at this point in time it feels like they’ll never be finished. They are due out on 2 March.
We found out yesterday from neighbours that he had been visiting the house and letting himself in while we were out at work.

Money concerns continue. Having to move house didn’t exactly help the situation. We are several thousand pounds short of what we need and I’m praying every night for a miracle.

I had to attend court to support my sister who had to give evidence against an uncle who physically assaulted her last summer. That was so crap. And scary. We both dreaded it to the point of wanting to throw up for months. Any finally it is over. For us that is, not him.

My car broke down and I was left stranded 50 miles from home. Luckily Mr M came to my rescue – he left work, drove the whole way there, jump started me and got me a part and installed it himself. I love him so much.

I have high blood pressure. The practice nurse and GP feel I might need to go on blood pressure medication. You tell me – is it any wonder I have high blood pressure?

I had a get together with friends which I thought would cheer me up but it ended up just making me feel boring and crap. Mr M tells me it’s because I’ve been under so much pressure and haven’t been able to be myself, that I’ve lost myself and I need to get back into my hobbies to feel Me. He tells me I’m funny and intriguing. To him anyway.

And there you have it folks – the fortnight from hell.


Miss C said...

Oh you poor thing :(

Hopefully things will even out soon. All you can do is concentrate on doing the things that are within your control. Give yourself permission to relax. Get a crappy DVD and a bottle of wine and don't leave the couch for an evening!

Angela said...

Thanks for the advice Miss C - sounds like a good plan :)