Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Moving on to Springtime and sunshine...

Pantone's 2010 Colour of the Year has been announced as Turquoise - my birth stone. I'm hoping that there will be some luck for me in 2010 in that somewhere. In honour of turquoise I hoped you would enjoy the above pic which isn't at all seasonal but leads me to the next point in my train of thought!

This is the time of year when I get really restless and my mind starts to go into overdrive thinking of all the possibilities ahead of me. The last two whole days I've done nothing but daydream about
  • new cars
  • new cameras
  • holidays (I'm thinking The Netherlands this year)
  • mini-breaks
  • Springtime
  • country roads and gardens in the sunshine (after watching too much Escape to the Country on BBC2 over the holidays)
I'm so ready for the cold and ice to be gone. We woke this morning to another layer of snow and it doesn't ususally bother me but I'm still driving the courtesy car after my bash and I'm not so confident in first gear, being used to a diesel car and relying heavily on my clutch.
This weekend seen the start of the last series of Celebrity Big Brother and although I don't usually watch it anyway, Mr Marshall forbade me to have it on in the house. I had to tell him Claudia Schiffer was going in to the house to get him to watch it with me. I do like some of the people in there this year so I'll prob watch. My faves so far are Stephen Baldwin and Basshunter - a real gent it would seem.
So far I've kept up to date with my project 365 - all 5 days of it! Already I'm putting pressure on myself to come up with professional-looking, thought-provoking arty snaps, all the while trying to reassure myself that normal, every-day look-what-I-done-today pics will thrill me just as much as arty ones in 2020!
Today I came across the The Annual Weblog Awards where you can vote for your favourite blog to win in 2010. I've already voted for my faves and thought all you blog readers would like a chance to nominate your own favourite blogs too. Hop over and have a look. While you're there check out the past winners - there are some great links to fab blogs there!
Happy Tuesday everyone x


Sian said...

Beautiful photo montage Angela. Love those spring colours

sharyncarlson said...

Oh I LOVE these photos! I have much the same feelings as you do this time of year. Can't stop thinking ahead!