Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I like to boogie...

Perhaps quite ashamedly, I’ve been collecting photographs of wedding bits and pieces that I loved since before I was even engaged and kept them in a folder on my PC. Yesterday I decided to take the plunge and actually print them out. It was quite amazing actually to find how many I no longer liked as a lot of them were 'trendy'.
I took them to my Mum’s and she and my sister had a little look over them to see what they thought. (Funnily I didn’t show Mr Marshall – Note to self: consult hubby-to-be on wedding ideas.) The problem was that Mum and Sis haven’t been reading wedding blogs to know what is ‘trendy’ and I really should have taken this into consideration and prepared myself for some of the “Are you crazy? People don’t do that!” looks.
After deciding that I want the day to be a little bit different, read: trendy (in the true sense), I now think that maybe it should have a timeless look. Because I read that somewhere. I’m so fickle and easy led. Problem is that if it’s timeless then it just looks like everyone else’s and not “timeless” how it is in my head. Overthinking, moi?
At this stage we are no farther on with the plans, the next major decision to be made being evening entertainment. A band or DJ? That is the question. Mr Marshall is holding firm on his choice for the first dance song but other than that we are lost.
I know that it’s one of the most important decisions as it can set the mood for the evening and have an influence on whether people get up and dance or not, but I just don’t want to think about it. The problem is that there is a real mix of people going – people who love country-style waltzes and jives and people who don’t; people who love lively dance music and people who don’t. I love a good boogie myself but only at other people’s parties. The thought of throwing a party terrifies me.
I’m much happier in the blissful safety of planning tablescapes, flowers and stationery suites to be honest.
So everyone I need your help – what is your experience of wedding parties and what works best – a band or a DJ?


Sian said...

That's a hard question. A band seems a bit friendly, maybe? If that makes sense

sharyncarlson said...

Very interesting post! I've only been to one wedding that had a band; where I live, nearly everyone chooses a DJ because you can get the widest range of songs. Good luck with your decision!