Friday, 1 January 2010

2009 in summary...

For the last two years I have done a 'summary of the year' page for my scrapbook and looking back on 2009 I think I squeezed quite a bit in! This year it reads:
  • I got engaged to 'Mr Marshall'

  • Was published in Scrapbook Inspirations

  • Went to Edinburgh with 'Mr Marshall'

  • Went to Paris and Disneyland with Nicola, Andrew and Hayley

  • Started a blog (!!)

  • Celebrated 5 years with 'Mr Marshall'

  • Took 3 online classes

  • Decorated our living room

  • Got Adobe Photoshop

  • Got engagement photos taken

  • Booked the venue, church and photographer for our wedding in April 2011

  • Turned 31

  • Crashed my car in show/ice at Mum and Dad's house (that's another story!)

Back at the start of 2009 I had a bad feeling about the year ahead and I done this page for my scrapbook for some self-therapy. The journalling reads:

"I've got such a feeling of impending doom. I've got a bad feeling about what this year is going to bring. It's not that I know if anything horrible that is definitely due to happen but I've had so many 'good years' in a row that I think they have to run out soon. Sooner or later there has to be a bad one. I want so badly to make loads of lovely plans and things to look forward to, just to prove me wrong - to THINK POSITIVE. I'm afraid that if I even say it, it will attract bad karma. I don't want to be thinking negatively but I just can't shake it. I need a sign that it's going to be another good year."

Unfortunately no sign came and the year started out dreadful with quite a bit of family heartache and tears shed. By Spring though things were looking up and its actually turned out to be a great year for me. Spring always makes me feel good - hence the reason I chose to get married in April :)

Thank you 2009 for a great time (in the end) - lets hope 2010 is another great one.

Happy New Year to you all and I truly hope it brings you great things x

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