Thursday, 5 August 2010

The most important purchase of all...

Yes, that's right the wedding gown has been bought! And the dress is so new (2011 collection) the designer herself hasn't got a photograph yet - believe me I've asked her - so unfortunately I won't be able to share.

I will say though that it has a classic, timeless look which gives a great hourglass figure and will lend itself beautifully to a vintage style wedding. Oh I'm getting excited just typing that!

Also on the wedding front our honeymoon hotel has been booked. We are going to Florida for 2 weeks for a bit of a road trip with a base in Orlando where Mr M's parents have an apartment. So although we have been before, we will hopefully be avoiding the Disney parks this time and exploring other parts of the state.

I am really looking forward to our honeymoon and have great memories of a holiday together in Florida, cruising down the I4 in the car with George Strait singing "How Bout Them Cowgirls" on the radio, a song no band or DJ in Northern Ireland ever has when I request it!

(Edited to add: If anyone has any suggestions of great places to visit in the Orlando or general Florida area, don't be shy about getting in touch. I'd like to see "real" Florida.)


April said...

Wow! I can't believe how close your wedding seems to be and that no one has replied to you about Florida. Lucky for you, I live here :) You must see Key West if you can (it has the Mangroves that you can take a boat tour through, coral reef snorkeling, and the Southernmost Point as well as Hemingway's house). . . it's quite a drive south though; as well as St. Augustine (East coast). Tampa, St. Petersburg (along with the beach, there's an awesome aquarium here. It's not the Atlanta (Georgia) aquarium, but nice; and Tarpon Springs have some interesing finds too (West Coast and closer to I4), including the "real" sponge market that you actually get off the bottom of the sea floor. Cedar Key is very old-timey Florida. Depending on the time of year you're here, you can look for Manatees as well. We spent a week recently at Amelia Island up towards Georgia on the east coast and it was beautiful. Dolphins every morning; sea turtle nests, some shore fishing guys caught a shark and a stingray along with fish, and my kids loved it. Up there is the Timicuan Indian preserve and Kingsley Plantation (rich in history sort of stuff) and Orlando I hear as several good museums though I've never been.

Oh geez, this has gotten long. I hope it gives you some ideas. Florida's a big long state and feel free to email me with any other questions I may be able to help with!

Angela said...

Hi April, thanks for popping by and leaving me a message! What better advice could I get than that of a real Floridian! The keys is definitely on my list of places I would hope to get a chance to visit - they seem so idyllic. I'll keep in touch if I have any other questions and I hope you visit my little blog again. Its lovely to see readers coming by x


Loulabelle said...

Oh wowwww your honeymoon sounds amazing! I can't wait to see the piccies (from your posh camera) xx