Monday, 9 August 2010

I had a dream...

Last night I had a dream about my wedding dress... or rather lack of it.

It was my wedding day, 15 until I left the house and I was getting dressed alone. I put on my underwear and looked down and knew I hadn't picked it but thought it was prettier than mine.
I put on my dress and looked in the mirror and it wasn't my dress.
It was a dark biscuit colour with broderie anglaise and huge buttons on the front.
I screamed like a child "Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, its not my dress".
Poor mum told me it looked lovely on me anyway but I insisted I wasn't leaving the house until my own dress was picked up from the shop - no matter how late that made me for the church!

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Lizzie said...

Hello Angela! This is my first visit to your sweet little blog, which I found via Sian - This post about your dream made me chuckle.. it's funny what our imagination does to us when we are trying to make a decision about something that matters, or we're feeling a bit stressed about something in our life. I love your "big buttons" problem - can't think of anything worse on a wedding dress, than great, huge buttons!
Hopefully, all will go well with your dress and other arrangements, so you will only be as late to church as a bride should be!