Thursday, 8 April 2010

Note to Angela: Easter is over...

Just a quick post for you today because I remembered I had this photo even though Easter is over and gone, being back to work and all. This is how many Easter eggs my sister and I got every year from family and neighbours. Mum says we would still have chocolate eggs left to eat in the summertime but judging by the rate I am able to consume chocolate now I don't know how true this is!

This year I got one egg - from my mum, who had one for Mr M too. He woke up on Easter Sunday and promptly announced that he had forgotten to get me an egg. I made him feel guilty for a few minutes before I confessed that I hadn't bought him one either. He was further disgusted later in the day when he realised his mum had bought him an egg and hadn't got one for me. I think she decided it was the last thing I needed, her being obsessed with weight and me obviously needing to lose half of mine before the big day.

I guess as this is supposed to be a wedding blog it might be interesting to point out that in 2011 we get married on the Wednesday after Easter, so even though the date will be totally different, going by its relation to Easter means that this time next year I will be a married woman!


Micayla said...

I totally tried to stay away from the chocolate but as I was suffering on Easter Sunday after my Hen Do I did cave and have half an egg! I don't think it will hurt much!!
Love the old photo of the eggs, how sweet and that bakers twine is just too cute....have you checked Etsy for a peach one?

Micayla said...

Okay so I checked for you. Try these for the peach twine.[]=tags&includes[]=title[]=tags&includes[]=title[]=tags&includes[]=title

Angela said...


You're a star, thank you so much. I did a search myself and found nothing but obviously wasnt searching for the right thing! x