Friday, 20 November 2009

And the award goes to...

Thank you so much to Melissa for presenting me with "Making Smiles on Faces" Award! I've never had an award before and I'm so pleased she seen me fit to have it. You're a pretty inspiring blog-writing star Melissa! Check her blog out if you get a chance.

It would seem that I have to expose myself with 5 random facts before I can accept and pass on this award, so here you are:

  1. I can't resist pressing the cancel button on the toaster before it finishes.
  2. I am a hair twirler and twiddler.
  3. I always worry about what to wear.
  4. I need to starting dealing with the fact that life will not be perfect like it is in TV ads and movies.
  5. I can't stop looking at my engagement ring - 5 months down the line!

The lovely folk I would like to pass this award on to are:

All very much deserved ladies!


sharyncarlson said...

I agree with Melissa, well deserved! Your blog makes me smile, too!

Sian said...

Angela, thank you! I'm thrilled and honoured and I'm off to check out your other winners. This blogging business is a bit of alright, isn't it? xx

April P. said...

Thanks so much for the award! Your blog was well-deserving of it!