Thursday, 6 August 2009

catch wedding cinematography

I have made our first enquiry! I've been dying to make enquiries before but wasn't engaged then so knew it would look more than just a bit weird of me to get quotes when there was no wedding!
This was for catch wedding cinematography in Portadown. I have always hated the idea of videos at weddings because everyone clams up when they are around, looking really awkward and hating their voice when they hear it back but... now that I am planning my own wedding I have come across catch and am thinking I need them! And more importantly I may just be able to convince Mr Marshall that he needs them too. Their online samples are beautiful and look really non-intrusive. I have fallen hook, line and sinker (one even brought a tear to my eye but I didn't tell you that). But... after looking at the brochure I know I have sorely underestimated how much one of these babies would cost us and we may have to try to bargain a smaller package.
I still feel a bit dumb after making enquiries because we don't actually have a date/venue booked yet but at least I have a ring now.

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