Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The flower girls...

Choosing the flower girl dresses had been put off until recently due to the fact that one is 4 years and the other 6. And kids tend to grow.

I happened to notice a beauty of a dress in Debenhams a few months before Christmas but knew it was much to early to guess what size they would be in April, so left it behind. It was different to the others - soft, floaty and designer.

As luck would have it when I went back after Christmas, the dresses were in the sale. Bingo! When I say dresses, there was only one but the other is on order and fingers crossed there won't be any problems with this.

So we had a fashion show with the girls.

We had the chat on the way to my mum's house for the big try-on about what a secret was and what they were to tell "people" when they asked what the dresses looked like. They loved the fact that we all had a special secret and told me they would say "I don't know" to everything they were asked! They had to be warned especially about Aunty Jennifer who didn't seem to understand the whole "the dresses are a surprise"-thing and was actually rather upset that I wouldn't allow her to see them in advance.

The girls done exactly what all flower girls do - what I did myself when I was one - hold out their dress and twirl. They couldn't stop swishing them about and it was so sweet.

So that's another thing crossed off the list and I'm so glad I decided to let Mr M's two nieces do this job for us.

Famous last words eh? I'm sure on the day they'll be less angelic and will be running wild, jumping in puddles with chocolate dropped down the front of them.
photo with permission of the fabulously talented Janine Walker


Loulabelle said...

I LOVE the flower girl dresses in that photo!

We're waiting to buy ours too as the little one is only 2 coming up 3 so she's probably going to grow quite a bit between now and June.

If I can get the dress for a good price I'm going to ask my other friend Sarah if her little girl who's 7 if she want to be a flower girl too. Shame it all boils down to pennies really.

Hope that you're well xx

Miss C said...

Not sure how I didn't find your blog until now! Yay!

I can't wait to get my little brother and the Groomie's niece all dressed up!