Saturday, 20 November 2010

One for the scrapbookers...

At last I managed to do a layout - the first of the Tuscany ones. Well if they can't inspire me nothing can!

I actually really enjoyed playing with paper again and it was all down to Mr M. At dinner one night this week he asked why I don't do it anymore. He told me how much he loved it and thought they were beautiful no matter what I felt about them not being as good as other people's. And then he told me he wants me to scrapbook an album of our wedding photos and that put the fear in me. We'll see whether this actually happens but I'd need to find my mojo to do that!

Wedding-wise, this week we have been to that place called "Should We Postpone The Wedding To 2012?" and back.


Loulabelle said...

This is just gorgeous!!!

I LOVE the little paper and button flower xx

brideandjoy said...

That's so beautiful, your other half is right, you should do it more often :)