Friday, 9 October 2009

To do list

Mr Marshall is keen to push forward with all this planning and while he is in the mood I won't complain. He asked what we can be doing while we are waiting for money to build up so, as a lover of lists, I'm making a 'to do' list:

  • Shortlist (another list!) and visit photographers

  • Find and go hear/see bands

  • Visit car companies

  • Contact catch cinematography again for a quote for our needs.

Today just for the heck of it I am going to make my evening invite list even though it is really early. Having such a large family on my side, few are invited to the wedding - it's always been that way at my family weddings - and the whole herd are then invited to the party. The total number of guests could more than double by 8pm!

As a side note, I came across this sweetie about a month ago and have been searching for her ever since. In the end I had to email SJ (a very talented scrapper and blogger) who posted about her in order to find out where she could be bought. I've found the seller, Naomi Murrell but alas my sweetie has been sold (in this background colour). Can I justify ordering a custom-made one? Surely not.

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